The Soul Purpose System is based on the sacred Hebrew language and works by decoding the sound vibration of your name.

We look primarily at your full birth name, exactly as it appears on your birth certificate.

The sound vibration of your name is creating your reality

Based on your profile you will get insights:
• On your challenges, talents and goals from your earlier life and for the future
• On how to transform your challenges into your gifts
• On all information about your specific talents and goals
• On your soul’s destiny which will help you to answer                   the Big question:       Why am I here?

This is for you:
• When you know there’s more to life than is showing 
• When you are at a crossroad (maybe because of Covid 19) and wondering which way to go
• If you want to receive insights about your talents
• If you want to get more in alignment with you higher purpose

Soul Purpose reading - Offer!

Because I’m celebrating this new service I have an incredible offer for you.

If you make an appointment for May or June 2020 before May 28 – 2020 you will receive a discount of 50% for a full Soul Purpose reading.

Your investment will be EUR 79,- instead of EUR 159,-

Join the community if you are just as intrigued about the Soul Purpose System like I am. I will be sharing lots of valuable information.  Please fill in your name and email.

Example blueprint profiles

This is how a profile looks like for people with a long name and with a short name. 

A long name will give you the image of a Star of David with a downwards and upwards triangle and in the middle your Soul Destiny code.

A short name will give you only an upwards triangle.

Both give the same valuable information. 


This is what clients say after a Soul Purpose reading

Getting a soul blue print reading was a feeling of coming home for me. Taking a deep dive into challenges and gifts. It made me feel supported in my process with a nice down to earth translation and tips from Linda.
Recently I had a Soul Blueprint reading. Linda is very patient and encouraging in explaining and analyzing what are the key points in one’s life. It helped me in this particular challenging time to stay focused on my teachings and difficulties and gave me confirmation of what I already know deep inside. It was an extraordinary experience walking this path together; Thank you!!

What is a full Soul Purpose reading?
In 90 minutes I will share with you:
Your soul blueprint profile with your specific codes of creation;
Insights on how these codes played out for you in the past and where to focus on in the future;
Insights on your talents and goals from earlier life and the ones for the future;
Insights on how to activate your talents and how to benefit from them the most;
Insights on your higher purpose and your spiritual awakening;

In my preparation before your reading I will tune in on your energy to receive the specific information that can help you in your mission;
I will record the reading so you can listen to it multiple times;
You will get a copy of your blueprint and the information of all the codes send to you by email*.
*Reading about your codes will give you more information every time and will help you on your Ascension path.

My ultimate soul goal is one that makes me very happy. And for me, at least now, it feels like I'm finally on my way to walk there. I still have several things that I can still work on to get to that goal. But I was amazed at how things turned out to be true. I recognized a lot from the information Linda gave me. Very special to realize that my life to date was already in my blueprint. I found this information very enlightening. It shows what your challenges in life are in order to grow.
The Soul Purpose Reading was a nice experience I can recommend to anyone. I found a lot of recognition in what was told. It was also great to hear that plans I have for the foreseeable future fit well with my soul mission. That's motivating and gives confidence to take on new things.

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